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Jason Miller Helps Small Businesses Scale to Success Through The Strategic Advisor Board

The business world today is overrun with corporate giants dominating several industries. While these companies have established themselves as powerhouses, the fact remains that they all started as small businesses with a vision dedicated to making a difference and impacting lives. Every great venture indeed started small, and as someone who realizes this, Jason Miller, the esteemed founder of The Strategic Advisor Board, has made it his mission to help emerging small businesses and business owners unlock their unparalleled potential and successfully scale from the ground up into a successful powerhouse and industry leader. 

Best known as “The Bull,” Jason Miller is an accomplished CEO with an overwhelming passion for helping go-getters, business owners, and CEOs reach the pinnacle of success. He was nicknamed Jason “The Bull” Miller as a result of his disciplined approach to success, as he takes no excuses from the people he serves, helping them stay on track with their goals and dreams. As a result of his goal-driven approach that prioritizes the client’s future over profit, the industry leader has mentored thousands of people over two decades and has built several companies of his own from the ground up since 2001.

Specializing in project management, company growth, and strategic and organic implementation, Jason is an authority in helping businesses create a passive income system and guiding business owners through the rough waters of “Growing” and “Scaling” their company in sequence. As a matter of fact, the trailblazing individual currently operates The Strategic Advisor Board, Miller & Company, as well as other companies with multiple brands, including a full-service Marketing Agency, Staffing Agency, and a Government Contracting Branch where services can be provided for multiple agencies of the US Government. 

However, Jason believes in building a community within his strategic partner network, but more importantly making an impact. “Don’t own a business just to make money! I would like to think that most business owners are on a mission to make change with whatever they are doing.” Says Miller on his opinion when it comes to leadership. 

On top of his trailblazing accomplishments in the business industry, Jason is a bestselling published author in the business scene. He is a celebrated three-times international bestseller, with seven of his published books featured at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and in bookstores worldwide. The inspiring individual has also been featured in several reputable publications, such as in Voyage Denver Magazine twice, for being one of Colorado’s most inspiring companies. He has also been featured on FORBES, ENTREPRENEUR, ABC, FOX, NBC, CBS, and many more. 

A polymath breaking the boundaries of possibilities, Jason “The Bull” Miller is also the creator of the famous Strategic Advisor Board Podcast “War Room Round Table,” rated top 2% worldwide, where he and his co-host talk about business and how to create a lasting impact in the industry. 

Throughout his extensive and enviable career as a businessman and mentor, Jason holds a core value of being a launching pad for other go-getters and help them reach their goals. “I want to change the way the world looks at consulting by bringing an honest broker model back into the consulting world and fight for the small companies that actually need it. I want people to know that there is a firm that fights for small businesses across the globe, a company that puts the money last and the people first.” shared Jason.



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