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Jeffrey Phillips Guides Start-ups Toward the Summits of Success Through Adlayer Consulting

Many believe running and maintaining a business is about creating groundbreaking products and providing extraordinary services. While this is one of the components that propel companies toward the pinnacles of greatness, operating an enterprise demands entrepreneurs to become passionate and knowledgeable about their crafts. As a matter of fact, a significant number of highly accomplished personalities have shared that the success of their businesses has something to do with the technical know-how they possess from the get-go. They have soldiered through difficult times thanks to their unrivaled commitment to their crafts. 

As demonstrated by Jeffrey Phillips, Founder and CEO of Adlayer Consulting, nothing compares to the power of passion, precision, and dedication in one’s pursuit of excellence and success. Today, he shares this guiding philosophy to help aspiring start-up founders emerge as powerhouses in their chosen industries.

From the get-go, Jeffrey Phillips has always had an incredible affinity for business and entrepreneurship. He particularly has a deep-seated interest in project management, directing him to delve deep into that space. Because of his hard work and passion for the project management discipline, Jeff became a mentor at the Project Management Institute (PMI) in Los Angeles.  PMI serves more than five million professionals including over 680,000 members in 217 countries and territories around the world, with 304 chapters and 14,000 volunteers serving local members in over 180 countries.  

When he moved back to Silicon Valley in 2017, Jeffrey Phillips joined the PMI San Francisco Bay Area chapter, bringing with him an innovative, revolutionary approach to project management and product development. During his career, he worked on many notable global projects worldwide, collaborating with development teams and factories in the US, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Japan, China, India, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Then, armed with an experience unlike any other, he decided to expand his horizons and establish a consulting firm that reflected his purpose-driven vision. For this reason, Adlayer Consulting came into existence.

Adlayer Consulting is a firm fueled by the desire to help start-ups scale their businesses and develop a competitive edge. It provides strategies that streamline the process, from strategic planning and general management to new product development and implementation, assisting entrepreneurs in achieving their vision of success. Guided by Jeffrey’s brilliance and impeccable know-how, Adlayer serves as a go-to resource for those looking to distinguish themselves apart from their competitors.

Although Adlayer Consulting is still in its early stages, this firm is rooted in Jeffrey’s unrivaled expertise. On top of that, the firm is the successor to Adlayer Academy, a company that focused heavily on the training of aspiring project managers. Jeffrey Phillips wanted to create an enterprise that helps businesses from the ground up.

With its tried-and-true strategies, Adlayer Consulting has helped a number of start-ups harness their potential and rise above. Some notable projects include Fondo, Nature’s Toppers, and Talent Cheetah. Throughout their growth, they were always accompanied by Adlayer Consulting every step of the way, serving as their ultimate catapulting device.

As Jeffrey Phillips continues to steer the ship and take the reins of Adlayer Consulting, he elevates the firm’s influence even more widely by helping start-ups launch their businesses to greater heights. Through his client’s financial and technical triumphs, he aims not only to expand Adlayer Consulting’s prominence but also to serve as an example for hopefuls to follow in their pursuit of excellence and success.



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