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Journey of Lily Thien: The Visionary Behind Allure Microblading Academy

Journey of Lily Thien: The Visionary Behind Allure Microblading Academy
Photo Credit: Doug Hoffman

By: Kathy Perez

There are those who look at the world simply as it is and those who envision what it could be. Lily Thien, owner and founder of Allure Microblading Academy (AMA), falls firmly into the latter category, taking a path less traveled and transforming a passion for beauty into a thriving business.

Lily’s genius lies in her fusion of beauty and science—a product of her eclectic and rich experiences. Born in Nha Trang, Vietnam, Lily is the third of four children. As a young girl, the Thien family bestowed on her the value of unity and the strength of bond, a trait that found its way into her business ethos. The family’s shared journey to the United States in 1989, in pursuit of unity with their father and oldest sibling, further fortified this trait in her.

A new home awaited them in Iowa City, Iowa, where Lily quickly adapted to the unknown and thrived in her pursuit of education. Immersed in a stimulating new landscape, her thirst for knowledge was fueled, culminating in a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Iowa.

Parallel to her formal education, Lily found herself drawn to the beauty industry, an interest stemming from her involvement in her family’s medical spa. This passion ran deep and remained unwavering, even as she advanced in her professional endeavor as an SAP Management Consultant for a globally-renowned consulting firm.

In a testament to her tenacity and an embodiment of the famous adage about effort and skill, Lily managed both the rigors of her consulting job and her commitments as an Esthetician and Permanent Makeup (PMU) Artist at the family spa for two decades. Her keen eye and relentless pursuit of perfection made her an artist in her field.

2015 marked a pivotal moment, as it was the year when Lily decided to dive into the mesmerizing world of beauty full-time. She recognized bridging a gap that existed between her passion and her expertise meant she could offer something unique.

And so, curating the state-of-the-art Allure Microblading Academy took shape. Bestowing upon the students her technical expertise and her sharp business acumen were two traits she deemed paramount. As a licensed esthetician instructor by the State of Texas, her state-of-the-art training techniques, along with her emphasis on precision, offered a unique learning experience to her students.

Lily knew that success lay in the details. She designed and developed her own Microblading procedures and forged her path as an instructor in 2015. Transferring her artistic skills and industry insights to her students has been her mantra.

Today, as she leads the AMA, her final product is a testament to her dedication. Her commitment to ensuring the academy imbues the same sense of masterpiece that she strives for in her work sets her apart from the rest.

Under Lily’s leadership, AMA has grown exponentially, and its holistic and intricate approach to microblading training has been widely acclaimed. Her training style reflects not just her technical proficiency but also her dedication to helping her students succeed on their own. Lily Thien’s story serves as a testament to the saying that success often comes to those who dare to dream. She has brought up hundreds of skilled microblading artists across the U.S. and continues to inspire many more.

It is said that life truly begins at the end of your comfort zone. For Lily Thien, her journey from a young Vietnamese girl with a passion for beauty, to a chemical engineer, SAP consultant, and currently a renowned expert in the beauty industry, reflects this sentiment perfectly.

Her life’s journey has been a testament to her lofty ambition, tenacity, and unwavering commitment to her passion. Her work today stands not just as an unparalleled service in the beauty industry, but also as a beacon for hundreds of budding artists in the making. To connect with Lily Thien and the Allure Microblading Academy, visit, or engage through AMA’s Instagram page and Facebook page amabrows, respectively.


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