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Empowering Moms and Celebrating Faith: Kingfolk Co. on Faith-based Gifts

Kingfolk Co.
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Kerri King, a female entrepreneur and stay-at-home mother, is the creator and founder of Kingfolk Co., a Faith-based gifts company that offers custom-printed Bibles, Bible covers, and more. The company has grown from strength to strength and now has hundreds of thousands of customers, thanks to King’s hard work and determination.

Kingfolk Co. is unique in the marketplace as it is the only company to custom print Bibles. King’s goal was to provide a repeatable and quality product that could be produced faster than hand-painted Bibles. This has made Kingfolk Co. stand out from other Bible accessory companies.

During the recent pandemic, the company saw a significant increase in Bible sales, which King attributes to people seeking comfort and solace in their faith during an uncertain time. “I think the pandemic affected everyone differently. For us, we saw a major uptick in Bible sales. My guess is that folks decided to dig into their faith either because they suddenly had more time on their hands or because it was a fearful and uncertain time,” shared Kerri.

Kingfolk Co.

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Balancing her role as a mother and business owner, King loves being able to provide an income for her family while also employing other stay-at-home mothers. As multitasking is second nature to mothers, King has found that they make excellent employees, allowing her business to run smoothly and her family to thrive. “So far, I’ve been well pleased with all the stay-at-home moms that I’ve been able to employ over the years. They help my business run smoothly so that I can enjoy my kids and they get to do the same. It’s a win-win!” she said.

King’s entrepreneurial journey has been shaped by her upbringing and the lessons she learned from her parents about working hard for what she wants. She advises aspiring entrepreneurs to be willing to put in time and effort, be open to failure, and never give up. “I was taught early on to work hard for what you want. My parents raised me in a house that allowed me to dream and be whatever I wanted to be. I can remember working at a very early age to earn money for the things I wanted. As an adult, these same principles have guided me to where I am today,” she explained.

King believes that the USA is still the best place to run a business today, due to its ease of starting a business and the wealth of resources available. The company has expanded its product range by partnering with Harper Collins Publishing and now offers a range of Bible translations to cater to customer preferences.

Kerri also confidently talked about how she started and utilized online marketplaces like ETSY. “I have utilized Etsy and various other marketplaces for the past 15 years and I’ll definitely say, they’re a great resource,” she explained. “It’s always been my motto to not never put all your eggs in one basket, so I would never put my company’s future in the hands of just one online marketplace. But being able to spread out amongst several different online platforms has been an awesome supplement to my shop.” 

In 2022, Kerri partnered with Collins Publishing at the end of 2022 to bring some fresh, new designs to the King James Version of the Bible. “Our customers have loved them and we love being able to sell multiple translations of the Bible so that we are catering to our customer’s preferences,” she mentioned.

This year, Kingfolk Co. is focusing on developing resources to complement the Bible, helping people dive deeper into their faith. The company’s motto is, “I have a Bible, now what?”, and King is excited to see what the future holds for Kingfolk Co.

You can find Kingfolk Co. online through their website or follow them on Instagram.


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