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Maison d’Angelann: Redefining Luxury Resort Fashion from Saint-Tropez to Mykonos

Maison d'Angelann
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This season, Maison d’Angelann is setting new standards in the wave of partnerships between fashion labels and high-profile beach resorts. Famous for its exceptional cocktail and evening wear, the brand has gone beyond traditional norms to showcase its distinct collections through exclusive pop-up shops at two of the most luxurious resorts: Bagatelle Beach in Saint-Tropez and Cavo Tagoo Hotel in Mykonos. As the inaugural Russian label to share the stage with esteemed designers like Alberta Ferretti and Moschino, Maison d’Angelann has successfully carved out its niche in resort fashion.

What sets the Maison d’Angelann collection apart is its ability to marry sophistication with the relaxed aura of holiday getaways. Their designs, which include free-flowing, fringed dresses ideal for sunlit days and mesh outfits embedded with Swarovski gems, encapsulate the laid-back yet opulent vibe of resort life. These fashion statements easily transition from vibrant day settings to enchanting evening affairs, a true testament to the brand’s versatile appeal.

Anna Chibisova, the creative force behind Maison d’Angelann, shares that the dresses are explicitly designed for both leisure and beachside glamor. “Their portability makes them perfect travel companions. The fluid lines, top-tier materials, painstaking attention to detail, and our unique brand signature are why we’ve been chosen by premier resorts. We’ve successfully captured the essence of holiday elegance, attracting celebrities and trendsetters who frequent these paradisiacal locations,” she explains.

The brand’s exceptional range, already available in these handpicked pop-up spots, promises to bring flair to fashion aficionados throughout the holiday season. Maison d’Angelann has seamlessly merged sophistication with ease, imbibing the quintessence of resort luxury while adding a distinct Russian touch to the stunning beaches of Saint-Tropez and the extravagant vibes of Mykonos. As summer continues its luminous reign, the brand encourages you to explore this fine art of resort fashion—an art where elegance, class, and sun-kissed glamor unite in an exquisite blend.

Maison d’Angelann’s rapid ascent in the resort fashion arena has caught the eye of global media and fashion elites. In the past few months, key fashion publications and industry influencers have identified the brand as the emerging powerhouse in luxury beachwear. This widespread acclaim is a tribute to Maison d’Angelann’s relentless pursuit of redefining what it means to be elegant while soaking up the sun.

Integrating Russian roots with the captivating allure of Mediterranean lifestyles, Maison d’Angelann introduces a novel viewpoint, transforming every beach and poolside scene into a catwalk of subtle grandeur. As the tide caresses the sands of Saint-Tropez and the Grecian sun bows to Mykonos, Maison d’Angelann ensures that every woman can bask in an aura of sophistication and glowing self-assurance.

In recent years, there’s been a palpable shift in how luxury fashion is perceived and consumed. Maison d’Angelann, with its ground-breaking initiatives, has recognized this evolution and leveraged it, resulting in an unmatched synergy between fashion and travel. The brand’s adoption of ephemeral pop-up boutiques speaks to the transient nature of luxury experiences today. 

Instead of merely dressing the body, Maison d’Angelann seeks to adorn moments, making each beachside sunset and sunrise an event adorned in opulence. This is more than fashion; it’s a movement, a lifestyle. As the world rediscovers the joys of travel and leisure in a post-pandemic age, Maison d’Angelann stands poised at the intersection, welcoming discerning fashionistas with pieces that don’t just enhance their wardrobe but enrich their experiences.


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