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NATPAT Unveils Innovative Stress Relief Solution for Families: Introducing Sensory Touch Stickers

NATPAT Unveils Innovative Stress Relief Solution for Families: Introducing Sensory Touch Stickers
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Global Release, February 2024 – NATPAT, a renowned innovator in family wellness products, introduces its latest breakthrough – NATPAT Sensory Touch Stickers. These groundbreaking stickers offer instant relief for people of all ages, aiming to alleviate anxiety, enhance focus, and promote overall well-being. With a focus on merging ancient plant wisdom with modern needs, NATPAT stands out in the market as a natural, non-invasive alternative, resonating with over 1 million families worldwide.

Discover the Calm Revolution: Peel, Stick, and Feel the Difference

Sensory Touch Stickers redefine stress management with their unique textured surface, providing a discreet pathway to tranquility. Whether applied to electronic devices, notebooks, or any surface, these stickers transform any environment into a serene sanctuary, offering stress-free moments amidst life’s chaos.

A Natural Approach to Everyday Stress

More than just stress relief tools, Sensory Touch Stickers offer a tactile escape, empowering users to take charge of their well-being. From children overwhelmed by sensory stimuli to adults combating daily stressors, these stickers provide a natural and effective solution for everyone. NATPAT’s co-founder, Gary Tramer, emphasizes the brand’s mission to empower children and families: “We believe kids have the power to overcome their daily challenges. Sometimes, they just need a little help. Instead of relying on medication, we offer natural solutions that encourage positive behavior.”

Features and Benefits

Crafted from durable vinyl, Sensory Touch Stickers are water-resistant and built to last, ensuring long-term stress relief. With vibrant designs and discreet profiles, these stickers seamlessly blend into any setting, making them ideal for use at home, school, or the office.

Revolutionary Relief for All

Sensory Touch Stickers cater to individuals across various age groups and backgrounds, addressing a spectrum of needs. From children with sensory sensitivities to adults seeking moments of calm, these stickers provide a versatile solution for stress relief. Parents appreciate the gentle and effective nature of these stickers, promoting calmness and concentration without resorting to medication. Moreover, individuals with conditions like ADHD or ASD find comfort in the tactile engagement offered by Sensory Touch Stickers, aiding in sensory regulation and attention management.

Unlocking the Power of Touch

Combining science and mindfulness, Sensory Touch Stickers activate skin receptors, triggering a calming response in the nervous system. Through the release of neuromodulators and neurotransmitters, these stickers promote relaxation and well-being, offering a tangible tool for managing stress and anxiety.

Real Stories, Real Impact

Parents and users worldwide have lauded the efficacy of Sensory Touch Stickers. One educator shares how these stickers transformed classroom dynamics, alleviating anxiety among students. Another user highlights the subtle yet profound stress relief provided by these stickers, emphasizing their versatility for both children and adults.


Sensory Touch Stickers are now available for purchase on the NATPAT website, with prices starting at $14.99 per pack. Additionally, NATPAT products can be found in over 10,000 retail locations nationwide, including major retailers like Target and independent stores. With worldwide shipping available, NATPAT aims to empower families globally with its natural wellness solutions.

Join the Calm Revolution with NATPAT Sensory Touch Stickers. Visit NATPAT website to learn more.


NATPAT was born from the enduring friendship of Gary and Michael, childhood friends with a shared entrepreneurial spirit since age 8 and further enriched by the addition of Andrei, who joined forces with the pair in another venture nearly a decade ago. Operating as a value-centric brand, NATPAT thrives on agility, boasting a core team of 3 and a remote team of 12 spanning diverse time zones. The brand’s standout product is its flagship BuzzPatch insect-repellent stickers and patches, a harmonious blend of science and nature. Bucking retail norms, NATPAT recently secured an exclusive partnership with Target, propelling them into the spotlight as one of the top 3 repellent brands in the US. Rooted in a commitment to well-being, sustainability, and a touch of nature’s magic, NATPAT is your go-to for an enjoyable, natural, and joyous wellness journey. NATPAT is available in close to 10,000 major and independent retail doors as well as in various online platforms.


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