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Pivet Founder Michael Pratt Revolutionizes Consumer Electronics Industry with Innovation, Diversity, and Environmental Responsibility

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In a world where innovation, diversity, and environmental responsibility are increasingly vital, Michael Pratt, the visionary founder of Pivet Communications, is blazing a trail in the consumer electronics industry. With 20 years of experience in the telecommunications sector and a commitment to multicultural focus, Pivet is not just disrupting the status quo but pivoting towards a future that’s inclusive, sustainable, and technologically advanced.

Pivet’s Mission: A Better Way Forward

“Pivet was built based on the belief that there is always a better way to create industry-leading accessories for your tech,” says Pratt. “When others ‘kick the can’ on recycling issues, we create biodegradability solutions like Self-CycleTM technology, and when others compromise quality and functionality to achieve their environmental claims, we design products that look, feel, and perform like any other industry leader.”

Pivet’s groundbreaking Self-CycleTM technology is set to transform the consumer electronics landscape. Products featuring Self-CycleTM technology will biodegrade* in landfill environments in approximately 3-5 years on average compared to the staggering 450-5000 years of current plastic biodegradation* time. This remarkable breakthrough aligns perfectly with Pivet’s unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility.

A Disruptor with a Purpose

Pivet Communications is one of the few Black-owned companies in the U.S. consumer electronics industry, and it’s on a mission to create more than just innovative products. Michael Pratt, the driving force behind Pivet, founded the company in 2018 in response to the lack of innovation and multicultural focus in the consumer electronics industry.

Michael Pratt’s journey and Pivet’s purpose go beyond just the products they create. They address important issues such as the lack of diversity in the tech space, the underrepresentation of Black inventors in the industry, and environmental racism. Pivet is not just a brand; it’s a movement for change and progress.

Celebrating Black History Month with Purpose

Pivet’s commitment to diversity and history takes center stage during Black History Month. In February 2023, the company launched a limited-edition line of cell phone cases that honor the legacy of Black innovators and trailblazers. These cases, designed with deep historical significance, are more than just accessories; they’re tributes to those who have shaped the world. 

The brand champions the recognition of Black inventors who have historically been marginalized and overlooked in the industry. By celebrating the achievements and contributions of Black innovators, Pivet aims to shed light on the rich history of technological advancements driven by diverse voices.

The Pivet phone cases pay homage to four remarkable figures in history, each symbolizing a unique facet of Black excellence and resilience. The Rosa Parks case stands as an emblem of unwavering belief and defiance against inequality, commemorating the historic moment when her refusal to yield her bus seat ignited the Montgomery Bus Boycott and dismantled segregation on public transit. 

The Sankofa case, inspired by the Twi word for “go back and get it,” serves as a powerful reminder of our past, urging us to move forward while honoring our history and sowing the seeds of knowledge for future generations. 

Garrett Morgan, a pioneer of innovation, is celebrated for his inventions, such as the life-saving gas mask prototype and the ubiquitous three-way traffic signal, which revolutionized safety on roads worldwide. 

Lastly, the Lewis Latimer case pays tribute to his groundbreaking contributions to the light bulb and telephone, with his patent on the carbon filament in 1881 forever changing the landscape of modern illumination. These cases, available on and, transcend being mere symbols of Black history; they embody the brilliance and innovation of those who paved the way for progress and equality.

A Multicultural Company with a Global Vision

Pivet Communications is not just a company; it’s a diverse community with a global perspective. With collective experience spanning decades in the consumer electronics industry, Pivet’s team is poised to disrupt and pivot the industry with new technologies, products, and business practices. The accomplishments of the team before Pivet have been disruptive and industry-leading, and their efforts as Pivet will be even greater.

Michael Pratt and Pivet Communications are leading the charge towards a future where innovation, diversity, and environmental responsibility are not just buzzwords but integral aspects of the consumer electronics industry. The brand is resolute in their commitment to dismantling barriers, celebrating diversity, and fostering environmental responsibility. Through their relentless efforts, they are not only reshaping the consumer electronics industry but also contributing to a more just, equitable, and sustainable world. As consumers increasingly demand products that align with their values, Pivet is setting a high standard for what the industry can achieve.

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