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Ponies North Honoring Veterans Day Through Four-Legged Friends

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In a tribute to the indomitable spirit of adventure and the enduring bond between man and horse, Ponies North announces its ambitious plan to recreate history by embarking on a 1500-mile long-distance horse ride from Mexico to Montana in the spring of 2024. This iconic journey, spearheaded by Jeff Pappas, the lone surviving member and Trail Boss of the 1986 Ponies West expedition, is a modern take on an old challenge that promises to captivate hearts, raise awareness, and honor the legacy of veterans.

Ponies North’s story traces back to 1986 when Veterans Jeff Pappas, his best friend Chet, and trusty helper Preacher Dave set a world record by riding on horseback from East to West across the entire United States. Battling bears, bison, dogs, and scoundrels, they etched their names in the annals of equestrian history. Now, 38 years later, Jeff is assembling a new team to fulfill a promise made to Chet – to ride across the country once more, but this time from South to North.

The journey promises to test endurance, courage, and camaraderie as the team travels approximately 20 miles daily through rugged terrain, desert heat, thunderstorms, and flash floods, sleeping under the stars and seldom using modern facilities.

Ponies North is not just a physical challenge; it’s a captivating tale that will unfold through social media and a docuseries, providing a unique insight into the journey. Unlike the original Ponies West ride, which relied on news and a book, Ponies North embraces the modern era, ensuring the tale reaches a broader audience.

Our Purpose:

Ponies North follows Jeff Pappas and his new team of Veterans on a mission to complete a 1500-mile long-distance horse ride from Mexico to Montana in the spring of 2024. The team is committed to maintaining the legacy of the original Ponies West ride with a few modern twists.

Several candidates are under consideration to join this historic ride, and Ponies North will be open for submissions in the early fall. Inclusivity is a key theme, and the team, with Veterans filling critical roles as horse trainers, planners, and organizers, aims to fill at least two horsemen slots. This selection process transforms Ponies North into an old world meets new world story, where individuals from diverse backgrounds unite to face the hardships of the journey and the struggles of humanity together.

Our Mission:

Beyond the epic ride, Ponies North carries a deeper purpose. Jeff and his team seek to bring national attention to the crisis of veteran suicide and the plight of thousands of wild mustangs on federal lands. Through a Non-Profit organization (501)(c)(3), Ponies North plans to establish and grow an equine therapy program for veterans. This program will use rescued and adopted mustangs, fostering a therapeutic and mutually beneficial relationship between these majestic creatures and the veterans they aim to serve.

To support this noble cause, Ponies North encourages donations through their official PayPal link:

Join Ponies North on this extraordinary journey as they ride for a cause, honoring veterans through the powerful connection forged between man and horse.


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