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Prominence Global Leads on LinkedIn

Prominence Global Leads on LinkedIn
Photo Courtesy: Adam Houlahan

By: Joshua Finley

Many self-styled LinkedIn ‘gurus’ are out there, desperate to get you to sign up for their coaching program and promising to get hundreds of qualified leads for your business magically. Adam Houlahan, founder and CEO of Prominence Global, stands out as one of the few elite people who have earned the right to make that claim. 

His 30,000 direct connections and an even more significant number of followers who’ve been reading and implementing his LinkedIn advice weekly for over a decade bear witness to that. 

Prominence Global is a business about LinkedIn on LinkedIn, and now Houlahan tells us he’s bringing an exciting new offering to the market. We caught up with him to find out the buzz–you heard it here first.

Listening to Clients

Spend a few minutes with him, and you’ll immediately see that he’s incredibly focused on his clients and their needs rather than simply pushing his ideas of what he wants to offer. His Prominence Global team constantly listens to and gathers feedback from their clients, and they’ve noticed some clear themes emerging over the last twelve months.

Some issues have surfaced:

  • Businesses struggle to find enough suitably qualified candidates in their local area to fill their vacant roles
  • In many Western markets, salary costs are spiraling beyond affordability
  • Competing internationally is tough if your whole team lives in the same time zone.

When he reviewed this feedback from clients, he had a lightbulb moment. Prominence Global faced the same problem, solved it long ago, and was ready to help other business owners beat it, too.

Houlahan and his team have spent months designing and testing a new LinkedIn-based service that no other company offers. They make bold claims based on their several years of implementing this process in their business and trialing it with key clients.

They currently have a team based across five countries, servicing clients globally.

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Photo Courtesy: Adam Houlahan

Enter Remote Team Connect

Remote Team Connect is explicitly designed to help businesses source and secure offshore talent at lightning speed and at a lower cost than any other system currently available. 

As he explained, this may look like a recruitment program, but it’s much more than that. It’s a carefully targeted marketing strategy to position Prominence Global’s clients as the preferred employers in their respective fields and give them a competitive advantage in highly tight labor markets.

The secret sauce is in Prominence Global’s unique understanding of how to appropriately leverage the power of AI and their deep knowledge of how LinkedIn’s algorithms work.

What’s Different About Remote Team Connect

Houlahan puts it like this: 

“Recruitment agencies will tell you that they use LinkedIn to source candidates, and no doubt that’s true. However, they are recruiters, not LinkedIn experts, so they usually cannot leverage the power and reach of everything LinkedIn can do.

 It’s a case of running a LinkedIn job posting to see who’s out there or running a few quick keyword searches. There is nothing wrong with either of those except that they are primarily reactive strategies that will never guarantee the results. Recruiters use a Recruiter-level LinkedIn subscription, but very few use LinkedIn’s premium lead generation level Sales Navigator to find candidates. 

They have yet to spend years building relationships and databases of candidates in selected locations ideally suited to remote work for organizations in Western countries. That’s where Prominence Global’s expertise and experience has the edge.” 

As Houlahan succinctly said, “Many of these people are not actively looking for roles but would be open to a move for the right opportunity.” The key to Prominence Global’s success is getting in front of this market quickly.

The Bold Claim

That sounded interesting, so we asked him to explain what a client will experience from Remote Team Connect. This is where his bold claims come into play.

This service assures delivery of over 20 high-quality, pre-screened, qualified candidates at dramatically lower salary expectations than Western employers have to pay local candidates–and all done and dusted in no more than 72 hours!

Intrigued, we wanted to know how they can assure that so confidently.

The Remote Team Connect Approach

It starts with working to develop a deep insight into the client company’s business, their unique challenges and the culture they are building. That forms the basis of a detailed brief and LinkedIn campaign structured differently from the rather bland, generic postings that appear daily on the platform.

As Houlahan said at the start of our conversation, this is a marketing and positioning play as much as a talent-sourcing strategy. It’s designed to fill vacant roles with offshore talent and elevate the client’s brand in their market. That’s a double win!

Their unique AI-driven matching process sifts and sorts the candidates, eliminating hundreds at lightning speed so that they can deliver more than 20 qualified candidates to their client, and the client takes it from there.

And they can do that in no more than 72 hours!

Cost Effective

Remote Team Connect service is much more cost-effective than traditional offshore recruitment, so we asked him to explain.

First, because this is not as labor-intensive as traditional recruitment, Houlahan’s proud to say he doesn’t have to charge the eye-wateringly expensive agency commissions you may have faced. And it’s a one-off fixed fee instead of a sliding percentage-based commission, so you know upfront what to budget for.

Second, Remote Team Connect intentionally sources candidates from strategically chosen regions. Their remote worker salary expectations are substantially lower than those of similar workers in Australia and other Western countries, yet still represent excellent remuneration in their markets.

Is This Right for Your Business

Prominence Global’s newly launched Remote Team Connect sounds like it could solve a talent-sourcing challenge for many businesses.

You can connect with Adam Houlahan on LinkedIn or learn more about Prominence Global on their website Prominence.Global.



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