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Stephanie Tourtellotte Advocates for Professionalism and Excellent Client Care in Real Estate

The real estate industry is one of the most intimidating industries because of its legalities and long term financial commitments. Aspiring buyers are often intimidated by the complex process of acquiring their first home. Some even find their experience in the industry traumatic because of the agencies they have worked with. Yet, with all the negative stigma about the industry, Stephanie Tourtellotte of Sterner Homes stands out because of her professional excellence and attention to personal client care. 

Stephanie Tourtellotte possesses an impressive 23 years of experience in the real estate industry. She has excellently represented clients all over Southern California and has always been successful. “Knowing that my clients are potentially buying or selling for the first time, I want to show them that they are our top priority and that we will do everything we can so that they would feel understood,” Stephanie explains. “We do this by putting a high premium on professionalism and client care.”

The veteran realtor has built an outstanding reputation for professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to always putting her client’s needs first. For Stephanie, all these are expressions of her deep passion for the industry and her clients. She wants to make a bold statement to aspiring real estate buyers that professional and caring agencies do exist, and they have already proven it for many years. 

Stephanie has always leveraged her knowledge and information to give the best service to her clients. Her team ensures their clients are not overwhelmed with the tedious process of buying a real estate property. They do the homework for their clients ahead of time, completely prequalifying the buyers so they can shop confidently. Stephanie also has the seller’s best interest in mind, which is why they present offers so they can confidently choose to work with them. “We recommend the highest-impact home staging designs to our clients, based on our experience selling thousands of homes at no extra cost.”

The veteran real estate agent continues to live out her mission of providing value to people by staying active in the community. Stephanie is a part of the ongoing effort to aid and relieve the hunger, pain and suffering of the growing homeless population. As Stephanie continues to advance her career and help more people acquire their real estate property, she is looking at offering her services to relocation specialists, VA buyers and sellers, single women, first and second-time homebuyers and young professionals.

The industry expert has a special place in her heart for single women. Although Stephanie Tourtellotte knows very well that the competition in the real estate industry is extreme and demanding, she knows that it is not for the faint-hearted, which is why she believes she has what it takes to help her clients succeed. 

“I have the creativity, strong negotiating skills, and the willingness to listen to our customers to reach their end goal fully,” the real estate expert shares. “I want to strive to be better than everyone else to go the distance to help their clients overcome any obstacles that get in the way.”



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