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Straw and Wool Hat Company: Where Style Meets Heritage in the Heart of Phoenix

Straw and Wool Hat Company
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Founded in February 2020, the Straw and Wool Hat Company has rapidly become a quintessential symbol of style, community support, and cultural heritage in the Phoenix Valley. This locally-owned brand, celebrated for its unique and affordable classic hats, has woven the rich history of historic black towns into its very fabric, creating a fashion-forward yet deeply meaningful brand that resonates with hat enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

A Tribute to Historic Black Towns

One of the most distinctive features of the Straw and Wool Hat Company’s product line is that all their hats are named after historic black towns. This unique approach seamlessly combines fashion with cultural preservation, paying homage to the communities that have played a significant role in shaping American history.

By naming their hats after these historic black towns, the company is not only celebrating the enduring legacy of these communities but also ensuring that their contributions are remembered and honored. Each hat becomes a wearable piece of history, a conversation starter, and a tribute to the resilience and creativity of these towns.

Founders with a Passion for Style and Community

The founders of Straw and Wool Hat Company have always been drawn to style and fashion. Before coming together to create this remarkable brand, each founder had years of experience in selling men’s accessories independently. Recognizing the deep appreciation for classic hats in Phoenix, a city with a diverse and fashion-conscious population, they saw an opportunity to create a destination that caters to both hat connoisseurs and newcomers to the hat-wearing culture.

Straw and Wool Hat Company

Photo Credited to Henry Dickerson and Ali Davis – founders of Straw and Wool Hat

The company’s commitment to its customers and the community is at the heart of their brand identity. Their mission is clear: to bring a sense of style and pride to the Phoenix Valley and beyond while providing top-notch shopping experiences and a diverse range of quality headwear and accessories. Moreover, they have a strong philanthropic arm, actively engaging in fundraising and making direct donations to support local causes.

Awards and Recognition

Straw and Wool Hat Company’s dedication to excellence and community engagement has not gone unnoticed. They were honored as the winner of Black Entrepreneurs Day in 2021 and received the prestigious ESPN Champion Black Business Award in 2023, cementing their status as an industry leader and community champion.

A Store Unlike Any Other

Straw and Wool Hat Company’s flagship stores in Phoenix are more than just retail spaces; they are hubs of culture and heritage. The brick-and-mortar locations reflect the founders’ vision of merging fashion with history. Visitors can explore a range of classic hats, each with a unique story, and experience a connection to the past.

What truly sets the company apart is its ability to make classic hats accessible to everyone. While classic hats have been around for centuries, Straw and Wool Hat Company has made them affordable without compromising on quality. Their commitment to affordability and high-quality craftsmanship has made them a beloved choice among consumers and celebrities alike.

D9 Limited Collection: A Focus on Culture

Among their diverse offerings, the D9 Limited Collection stands out. This collection is a testament to their dedication to culture and heritage. The semi-custom hats pay tribute to historic black towns, showcasing their rich history through beautifully designed headwear.

Straw and Wool Hat Company

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A Vision for the Future

As Straw and Wool Hat Company looks ahead, they envision a future where classic hats are not just a fashion statement but a cultural bridge. Their mission remains unwavering: to bring style, pride, and cultural awareness to their customers and the broader community. Their commitment to community involvement and philanthropy continues to be a driving force in their business model.

The Straw and Wool Hat Company’s commitment to preserving culture, history, and fashion in a single accessory is nothing short of remarkable. Their unique approach to naming hats after historic black towns serves as a beacon for those seeking to celebrate heritage and style simultaneously. With a blend of affordable, high-quality hats and a strong commitment to the community, they are leading the way in the hat industry and beyond.

For more information about Straw and Wool Hat Company and their unique collection of classic hats, visit their website.


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