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Sunny-Legal-Realty Announces Business Funding opportunities for Small Businesses and Nonprofits.

Are you a business owner? Are you frustrated about constantly being denied by lenders and banking institutions? If so, Sunny Legal Realty  has a solution. Two years ago, wealth educator Sunshine Smith-Williams launched Wine & Wealth academy. The financial academy started as an online educational school for the youth but has expanded to teach everyone. We had the privilege of talking with Sunshine Smith-Williams and got funding information many aspiring entrepreneurs may have been searching for.



What inspired your new business success scan service for struggling business owners?


“Many business ideas were never funded and not necessarily for lack of trying. If a business idea seems too risky or the loan applicant has poor credit, lenders and investors won’t provide funding. Without funding, people who don’t have personal savings to dip into can’t launch a business. I saw this as a problem for aspiring and established small business owners and felt the need to provide a solution.”



Why is funding so important to a new business?


Businesses tend to fail because of finances during their first year.

Having enough funding allows your company to grab any opportunities that come your way, such as investing in new products and services that can help your business grow. Working capital can also serve as a safety net when your business needs extra money.

If it’s something we recently learned during the pandemic, it was businesses crippled due to lack of resources and financial planning. We also learned that the rich in some cases capitalize off of misfortune.



Can you tell us and our readers about your firm, and this new service it provides.


Sunny Legal Realty llc is no stranger to assisting aspiring entrepreneurs to start their business. We have been around for over a decade. The financial firm also gives consultations on compliance laws, and building business credit. Sunny legal Realty llc. has been around for over a decade and prides itself on good customer service and result driven services..

The “Business Building” service is a Pre-Qualification Test that is designed to help small business owners know what finance programs they pre-qualify for before they apply. The business finance pre-qualification test results show what finance programs are available now and what needs to be done to maximize business financing opportunities

Sunny legal Realty “Wealth Building” and “Bankable” service provides a free business finance pre-qualification test that allows business owners to see what business funding programs they pre-qualify for now and how to pre-qualify for more in the near future. The free test checks what are called Lender Compliance items to see if the business has completed some simple things that if left undone might get it declined.



What are some of the reasons business owners are declined for funding from banking institutions and how will your business building service help?


Business formation is a top reason banks decline applications. If you wish to start your business we can assist you in that as well. I will give you a few more examples why lenders may decline business owners. Examples of these items are the business location, type of business phone and email service, national 411 listing, etc. Lender compliance consists of 20 items that are easy to complete but are often left undone. The business building test does not create any credit report inquiries and it shows business owners where they are short on pre-qualifying for business loan programs. It makes sure that business owners know what the approval guidelines are for each business funding program before they apply. After completing the test, business owners are given access to a step-by-step business finance and business credit instruction system. This system shows them what to do to get their business to pre-qualify for more funding programs in the near future. The business finance pre-qualification test and instruction system are video driven with easy to complete tasks.

Imagine your organization having access to the tools, and resources needed to actually look financially attractive to banking institutions who want to lend you all the capital you need.

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