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The Art of Wedding Gowns by OKSANA MUKHA: A Legacy of Elegance and Innovation

The Art of Wedding Gowns by OKSANA MUKHA: A Legacy of Elegance and Innovation
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OKSANA MUKHA, a recognized name in the world of high-quality bridal and evening wear, is once again gaining recognition from the global fashion audience. Founded in Lviv by talented Ukrainian designer Oksana Mukha, the brand has become a symbol of elegance and luxury in Ukrainian bridal fashion. 

OKSANA MUKHA is not just a brand; it is an art, talent and passion for creating the best wedding dresses in the world. Founded by Ukrainian designer Oksana Mukha, the brand is now a family business that combines a wealth of experience and technology with a fresh perspective on fashion and current trends. Its gowns win the hearts of brides around the world and are chosen by influential personalities, members of royal families in France and the Imperial House in Tokyo. The elegance and luxury of OKSANA MUKHA took over the stages of prominent theaters, where opera divas performed in their creations, adding even more elegance and grandeur to these enchanting dresses. 

The Art of Wedding Gowns by OKSANA MUKHA: A Legacy of Elegance and Innovation

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Born on September 1, 1964, in Lviv, Oksana Mukha was known for her imagination and creative potential from an early age. Her mother was very creative, a great sewer and knew how to create incredible things from ordinary, everyday stuff. The atmosphere of creativity that prevailed in the house captured little Oksana, who has been drawn to the art of sewing since childhood. She started creating her first fashion collections while still at school. In 1990, she started her own business, which later grew into the OKSANA MUKHA brand, which has been successfully operating on the market for over thirty years. This brand was the first Ukrainian brand of wedding and evening dresses to introduce haute couture elements into its designs.

OKSANA MUKHA became the first Ukrainian wedding and evening dress brand to present a collection of wedding models at a specialized exhibition in Paris at the Louvre as part of the celebration of the 115th anniversary of Swarovski. It was a special event because, among 150 international wedding and evening dress companies, Swarovski chose OKSANA MUKHA to showcase in the final. Five dresses from the collection were presented on the catwalk. The Crystal Swan dress with unique crystal embroidery, which is the brand’s legendary bestseller, was exhibited among five models of different global brands in the Swarovski exhibition hall in the Louvre. This fact proved that the OKSANA MUKHA brand has received the highest recognition in the international fashion market. 

The brand is currently preparing for the presentation of its new bridal collection, which will take place in early summer.

The Art of Wedding Gowns by OKSANA MUKHA: A Legacy of Elegance and Innovation

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A new collection from the OKSANA MUKHA brand, which is dedicated to the grandeur and strength combined with tenderness and love that a woman carries through time. Our wedding collection is a beautiful ode to female beauty and grandeur. Each dress is a masterpiece that reflects the eras when women fell in love and got married. Every detail reflects the nobility and beauty of the woman who wears it.

“Our collection is a combination of sophistication and elegance that will emphasize the uniqueness and originality of each bride.” – Oksana Mukha

The collection of wedding dresses is a wonderful combination that will impress you with its uniqueness and style. It covers a wide range of different silhouettes and styles, from light dresses of classic A-line to exquisite models with voluminous skirts, modern fitted dresses with textured elements, as well as handmade details using the highest quality fabrics and decor. The new 2025 collection by OKSANA MUKHA is dedicated to female beauty, strength and wisdom. Each dress is filled with elegance and tenderness, and the exquisite decor emphasizes the romantic side of every girl. Each dress by OKSANA MUKHA symbolizes the love and passion with which each outfit is created. 

Over the decades of its activity, the brand has not only won the hearts of customers around the world but also received numerous awards and recognitions from global fashion experts.

Today, the OKSANA MUKHA brand is not only a name, it is a family business that combines rich experience and technology with a fresh look at fashion and current trends. Creative potential shines in every collection that comes out of the OKSANA MUKHA studio.

OKSANA MUKHA is not just fashion. It is the embodiment of dreams, elegance and impeccable style.



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