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The Dream 2020: Charles Sims and the Pursuit of Unity in America

Charles Sims
Photo Courtesy: Charles Sims

By: Lennard James  

In a world where division often overshadows unity, Charles Sims stands out as a beacon of hope and a catalyst for positive change. The Dream 2020, founded by Sims, is not just an organization; it is a movement dedicated to fostering dialogue, promoting peace, and achieving unity in communities across America.  

Charles Sims, a United States Army combat veteran and Ole Miss Alumni with a degree in Criminal Justice, embarked on this journey in 2020. His mission is rooted in the timeless message of love and nonviolence championed by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Sims believes that Dr. King’s words are as relevant today as they were during the civil rights movement, emphasizing the importance of creating unity in the community.  

The Dream 2020 is not confined to a specific region; rather, Sims has tirelessly traveled around the country, engaging with community and faith leaders to initiate conversations about unity, reconciliation, and nonviolence. While most of his work is centered in Memphis and Mississippi, Sims has extended his efforts to various regions and states, recognizing the need for a national dialogue on these critical issues.  

Photo Courtesy: Charles Sims

Sims attributes his unique approach and effectiveness in his niche to his life journey. As a military veteran, he developed a high tolerance for risk and honed the ability to lead from the front. He emphasizes critical thinking, strategic planning, and perseverance in the face of obstacles—qualities that have become the cornerstone of his work in conflict resolution and community building.  

The Dream 2020 doesn’t exclude anyone; Sims sees everyone as part of his target audience. His vision is to create a table of brotherhood founded on honesty, reflection, and reconciliation. Sims believes that neglecting any segment of the population during the conflict resolution process is counterproductive. To achieve unity, he emphasizes the need to keep all channels of communication open.  

Sims’s testimony resonates with the idea that individuals need not be shackled to the mistakes of their ancestors. He passionately believes that every individual has the potential to sit across from someone, learn from each other, and discover common ground. In his view, everyone plays a significant role in realizing the dream of unity in America.  

Photo Courtesy: Charles Sims

The Dream 2020 encompasses Dr. King’s vision, Sims’s family history, the importance of achieving unity in America, and the consequences of failing to do so. Sims encourages people to connect with him on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok, where he shares insights, updates, and calls to action.  

Sims and “The Dream 2020” inspire everyone to reflect on the values of love, nonviolence, and unity. As Sims aptly puts it, “the dream is achievable, and with collective effort, any problem created by can be solved by us, with God’s help.” It is a call to action for individuals from all social classes to come together, engage in meaningful conversations, and work towards a more united and harmonious America.  


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