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The Immune-Boosting Power of Essiac Superfood Blend

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For more than a century, Essiac® has been a popular herbal tea blend with a rich history, attributed to the discovery of Rene Caisse, a nurse who learned about the formula from the Ojibwa nation. Caisse later developed the blend as a tea and named it Essiac®, her surname spelled backward. The formula has been used for decades as an immune system support blend and is now available as a new product called Essiac Superfood Blend.

What sets the Essiac Superfood Blend apart from other products is its inclusion of powerful immune-boosting herbs and concentrated extracts, as well as its commitment to preserving Rene Caisse’s legacy of healing. The product contains a 10.6oz superfood with Essiac’s traditional formula, prebiotics, and a 4:1 concentrated antioxidant blend. It also includes organic vegetable blend, prebiotic, and superfoods with fiber. Consumers can take this product once a day as a therapeutic dose, mixed with juice, water, or as part of a smoothie.

Essiac’s legacy lives on through the dedication of Lucille Perreault and Larry Poirier, the owners of Essiac and Rene’s Naturals. They ensure that the Essiac® herbal tea powder, liquid tincture, or vegetable capsules sold are of high quality and have the same ratios as Caisse’s original recipe. Essiac® is the only Essiac® allowed to be sold worldwide, with the green label bearing Rene Caisse’s photo and signature.

Nurse Caisse treated patients at a clinic in Bracebridge, Ontario, which was provided by the town for free. She accepted donations to support her operations, and in honour of her legacy, a statue of her stands in the same town. Today, Essiac® is available in 51 countries worldwide, with over 70 research papers on the formula and its components.

Essiac’s mission and vision statements reflect their commitment to holistic wellness and the power of whole plants to improve lives. They believe that people can overcome obstacles and live their legacy, transcending survival. Essiac’s vision is a world in which everyone can thrive, and they are committed to providing effective, natural whole plant solutions that restore life and legacy for all.

Lucille Perreault and Larry Poirier have a wealth of experience in the wellness industry, with Lucille holding a PhD from Carleton University and an MBA from Queen’s University, while Larry is a graduate of Integrative Herbal Medicine in Supportive Cancer Care from the Technion Israel Institute of Technology, as well as an MBA from Queen’s University. They have also been involved in the ownership of five multimodal therapy clinics and are committed to improving people’s lives through natural solutions.

Essiac Superfood Blend is an immune-boosting product that includes Essiac’s traditional formula and other natural ingredients to support the immune system. Its unique formula and commitment to preserving Rene Caisse’s legacy of healing differentiate it from other products. Essiac’s mission and vision statements reflect their commitment to holistic wellness and providing effective, natural solutions that restore life and legacy for all.


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