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The Pioneering Effort of Serial Entrepreneur David Williams and the 5th Degree Academy

The Pioneering Effort of Serial Entrepreneur David Williams and the 5th Degree Academy
Photo Credit: David Williams

By: Heather Holmes

Serial entrepreneur David Williams, alongside thought leader Tim Storey, has been making international headlines with his innovative approach to education with 5th Degree Academy. Williams, who is also known for his significant contributions to businesses like,,,, and a substantial Airbnb portfolio, has created an educational haven where academic rigidity gives way to practical knowledge, and real-world experience takes precedence over unapplied theory.

The essential foundation of 5th Degree Academy lies in its ability to bridge theory with experiential education. This pioneering institution provides a unique blend of inspirational and practical know-how through live training and a video curriculum brought to life by actual entrepreneurs, investors, authors, celebrities, and speakers. The comprehensive range of topics covered by the academy’s curriculum, which includes personal freedom, faith and family, marketing, sales, health and wellness, finance and investing, and entrepreneurial skills, clearly portrays the far-reaching vision of the academy’s founders. 

5th Degree Academy recently found recognition in the acquisition of a Guinness World Record with its 2-day financial literacy event, The Elevate Experience. This seminal event, which drew over 150,000 live online views and engaged more than 3000 kids and parents over two 6-hour days, successfully demystified financial freedom and empowered young minds with the clear path towards financial growth.

What sets 5th Degree Academy apart from the conventional educational institutions is its revolutionary approach to education and training. The classes offered by the academy focus not merely on academic excellence but aim to cultivate real-life skills and values that are often not incorporated into traditional school curriculums.

Recent surveys show that over 70% of parents believe that mainstream education does not sufficiently prepare their children for real-life challenges. About 60% of graduates express dissatisfaction with their degree, which they feel did not equip them adequately for their career. Meanwhile, a stark 85% of students consider current school curriculums incompatible with modern job requirements and demands. 

In consideration of this glaring need, 5th Degree Academy creates an educational ecosystem that fosters the development of critical life skills and holistic growth, emphasizing the five pillars of faith, fitness, family, finances, and freedom. This educational structure provides learners with the unique opportunity to learn from real-world entrepreneurs, draw insights from their experiences, and apply them in their quest for success. 

Winning a Guinness World Record implies the significance of the work that 5th Degree Academy is doing. Its impact isn’t lost on the industry either, as notable personalities are expressing interest in contributing to the academy’s mission. 5th Degree Academy plans to leverage more influencers, celebrities, and thought leaders in the future as part of its progressive expansion, with the hip-hop artist Busta Rhymes already committed to joining a forthcoming event. 

Offering a 7-day free trial and extending a 30 days complimentary access to its online platform during the holiday season, 5th Degree Academy provides potential learners the opportunity to experience the impact of real-world education first hand. Furthermore, the academy leaves no stone unturned to ensure access to quality education for all. It maintains a “no kid left behind” mantra and offers a grant option for students who may need financial assistance. 

David Williams and the 5th Degree Academy are leading the revolution in education and demonstrating that learning has no bounds, possibilities no limits, and success no definition but that defined by its achiever. 

To participate in this quest for real-world education and learning beyond textbooks, visit the 5th Degree Academy website at


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