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The Secrets of Successful Hiring with Olena Systrenska

The Secrets of Successful Hiring with Olena Systrenska
Photo Courtesy: Olena Systrenska

Olena Systrenska, the CEO and owner of the international recruitment agency VIP HR AGENCY, shares her insights on successful employee hiring. 

Every business book emphasizes that a strong team is a crucial component of success. But how do you identify who you need and hire the right person?

The phrase “We need to hire someone” can send a chill down many spines, causing stress and anxiety. While not everyone reacts this way, few find the hiring process immediately enjoyable. 

This reaction stems from a barrage of questions: “What needs to be done? How do we do it? Who do we need? Where do we start?” Often, there’s a wish for someone else to handle the job. These feelings arise because many don’t know how to systematize and automate the process to make hiring a pleasure. So, what’s needed? Just three simple, sequential steps.

Step one: Conduct an audit of current positions to understand precisely who is needed and in which department. 

Step two: Create a detailed job profile, clearly outlining the role’s responsibilities, making it easier to conduct interviews and filter out irrelevant candidates.

Step three: Post the job on employment websites and share it on social media and messaging platforms, investing in targeted advertising to reach the most suitable professionals.

Of course, there’s the option to outsource this task, leaving only the final interviews with pre-selected candidates for you to handle.

Hiring is an ongoing process, essential for maintaining a robust talent pool, particularly for volatile positions like sales managers. Over six years, VIP HR AGENCY LLC has placed more than 3,000 individuals and systematized recruitment processes for over 200 companies. They always start with a consultation to understand the company’s goals and objectives, developing the best recruitment strategy tailored to each client.

The Secrets of Successful Hiring with Olena Systrenska

Photo Courtesy: Olena Systrenska

Olena’s expertise isn’t limited to recruitment. For over 15 years, she has successfully managed and expanded her international logistics company, which operates worldwide. She has built teams and systems in her own businesses and has helped more than 30 companies—ranging from small businesses to large corporations—successfully establish their recruitment and management processes.

Many companies that grew 20-30 years ago are now facing stagnation, realizing that their systems and management methods are outdated and ineffective with younger generations. Old hiring methods no longer yield results. It’s crucial to stay responsive to changes and trends in the HR sector.

A prime example is onboarding. Once overlooked, it is now a vital part of the hiring process. Millennials and Gen Z do not respond well to traditional job descriptions and even illustrated texts. Quality candidates can quickly leave before fully integrating into the company, leading to financial losses.

The faster and more effectively a new employee integrates, the higher the chances they will succeed and become a top performer. Many platforms now use AI to develop and gamify onboarding systems for any company. Olena assists companies in this area, providing a full spectrum of hiring services.

Olena moved to the US with her family in March 2022, fleeing the war in Ukraine. In two years, she successfully launched her companies in the US market and opened new ventures, including consulting and training courses for business owners on how to hire with ease and enjoyment.

Additionally, Olena is actively involved in developing a business community for Ukrainian entrepreneurs in the US, organizing business meetings and masterminds. She also focuses on supporting female entrepreneurs in Miami, helping them overcome post-relocation depression and find their footing in a new country. She offers free consultations on resume preparation and career orientation.

By systematizing and modernizing the hiring process, Olena Systrenska transforms what is often seen as a daunting task into an enjoyable and productive experience for businesses.

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