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Unmasking LinkedIn’s Potential: Danielle’s Influence Builder Guides Businesses to Daily Sales Calls

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In the dynamic landscape of social media, LinkedIn has emerged as a potent tool designed to bridge businesses with key decision-makers. Reflecting on this, Danielle, the innovative founder of Influence Builder, offers a professionally authentic insight, “Out of all the social media platforms we play on, LinkedIn is the favorite. The reason is that it yields the best results without the risk and the cost of ad spend.” 

Across the spectrum of professionals, from consultants and coaches to B2B service-based business owners, SaaS company founders, speakers, authors, and fractional c-suites, LinkedIn offers unique opportunities. In comparison to other platforms, the cost of acquiring a new client on LinkedIn is noticeably lower, particularly when leveraging organic reach. 

Danielle’s signature strategy, the ‘LinkedIn Lap,’ stands testament to the platform’s potential. A 15-minute daily routine that strategically engages with different sections of the platform, the LinkedIn Lap has been a game-changer for many, even leading to significant deals within months. 

However, Danielle emphasizes that content generation, while important, is not the be-all and end-all of LinkedIn’s strategy. She explains, “Content is important, especially if your product and programs require a little pre-education, but it isn’t the game-changer the other LinkedIn gurus out there make it out to be. Sure, I mean, if we all had 500,000 followers, then putting out Content and moving people into your sales process would work great, but most experts on LinkedIn barely crack 3000 connections. So Content isn’t the thing to lean on; organic conversations on LinkedIn is the way to go.” 

Indeed, her emphasis on hyper-personalization and proficient utilization of Sales Navigator’s filtering features underscores Danielle’s authentic, connection-driven approach. “LinkedIn has so many hidden gems that most never learn how to use them. And it’s the simplest tactics that should be used and profited off of first. Then you move on to the next level of strategies,” Danielle advises. 

At Influence Builder, the rewards of such a strategic approach are apparent. Through leveraging LinkedIn and its Sales Navigator upgrade, the team secures an impressive 15 sales calls per day. Increased connection requests, better acceptance rates, and a compelling offering culminate in this impressive result. 

Not one to shy away from comparison, Danielle highlights, “To get the number of sales calls from Facebook that you make on LinkedIn, you’d have to run ads, which can be a costly acquisition. On LinkedIn, you can spend nothing and put in a little extra time to get an even better, more aligned prospect and triple your chances of turning that prospect into a paying client.” 

Danielle’s professional authenticity shines through as she shares her 3-step LinkedIn approach with everyone. All that’s needed is to follow Danielle on LinkedIn and request her secret training link. As the thought leader at the helm of Influence Builder, Danielle’s insights offer a professionally authentic look into the power of LinkedIn to bolster sales calls and business growth.  

Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark’s Professional Bio: 

Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark is the CEO and Founder of Influence Builder and Influence Builder Club (a membership network for small company owners and entrepreneurs). Clients and colleagues have dubbed Danielle a Digital Disruptor because of her unique ability to uncover the best paths to success by going against the trend when it comes to digital marketing. Danielle’s growth tactics help her customers establish tremendously influential platforms, 10x their bottom line, and earn the attention and accolades they deserve without spending years figuring it out on their own, thanks to her 16 years of in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience. You can find her and learn more about her by visiting the platforms listed below: 





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