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You Season 3 Shows Joe Playing House

Source: Vulture

You Season 3 has come a long way, becoming popular enough to unseat Korea’s record-breaking series, Squid Game, from the top spot. 

Ever since the show began streaming on Netflix, people have not been able to stop talking about it. With the brilliance of its season 3, it continues to dominate the scenes, starring familiar faces, such as Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley and modern scream queen Victoria Pedretti.

While the show has consistently shown promise throughout the seasons, the third installment of the thriller series has had everyone on their toes, as it follows Joe Goldberg and Love Quinn’s married life with their new baby.

Unsurprisingly, Joe Goldberg, who is played by Penn Badgley, is still unable to curb his impulses to fall in love with the first woman he sees in the third season, but things have become infinitely more complicated by the fact that he is married to his wife, Love, played by Victoria Pedretti, who is also a murderer.

Although both characters are institutionalized as brilliant murderers in this creepy thriller series, Joe and Love have different reasons for doing so. Joe’s singular love-based obsession is less nuanced than Love’s, leading the viewers to root for the lesser evil in a series that is filled with terrible people. “I found myself rooting for Love Quinn throughout the season, desperate to see her outwit Joe and make it out alive,” shared one viewer. “Love is a brilliant character, to begin with,” he added.

While many viewers have expressed their support towards Love Quinn’s triumph, the thrilling conclusion of the highly acclaimed season has led to the demise of a brilliant character. Joe Goldberg not only killed Love at the end of You season 3, but he also chopped off his own toes and burned their house down so that he could conveniently frame Love as the murderous femme fatale of Madre Linda. The finale then shows Joe living his life in the City of Light: Paris.

Although Paris may be a fitting end to the Joe and Love era as it signifies a fresh beginning, Joe is actually searching for his latest love interest in the city, Marienne, who is played by Tati Gabrielle. After receiving a chilling warning from Love, Marienne took her daughter and fled the suburbs. Joe, determined as ever, heads to Paris with a purpose-driven goal of finding her in mind. “All I know, mon amour, is I will search the world if I have to,” he vows as he struts past unknowing Parisians with the Eiffel Tower looming fuzzily in the distance behind the murderous personality.

The finale does not give much away of what is yet to come in You’s upcoming installment, but the last episode of the third season reveals that Joe goes by the name Nick now while becoming more comfortable in walking the streets and visiting a buzzing cafe with a baseball cap on. With this newly-gained freedom and a renewed identity, more can be expected from You in the seasons to come.


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