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Maximizing Your 2024 Investment Portfolio: CEO Avery Carl Shares The Advantage of Short-Term Rentals

Maximizing Your 2024 Investment Portfolio: CEO Avery Carl Shares The Advantage of Short-Term Rentals

By: Victoria Kennedy 

Avery Carl, CEO and Founder of The Short Term Shop, has committed her career to mastering the intricacies of the real estate market, with a particular focus on short-term rental properties. She is an advocate for these properties as a prime investment choice in 2024, drawing on her rich experience in the field.

Carl notes a significant shift in travel and living patterns, primarily driven by the increase in remote work and the demand for genuine, local experiences. This shift has notably altered accommodation preferences, making short-term rental properties a highly flexible and profitable investment avenue.

Here, she discussed the prime reasons why short term rentals are a smart investment in 2024 and beyond.

Maximizing Your 2024 Investment Portfolio: CEO Avery Carl Shares The Advantage of Short-Term Rentals

Photo Courtesy: Avery Carl


Short-term rentals are known for their higher nightly rates compared to long-term leases, presenting investors with the opportunity for increased earnings, despite occupancy fluctuations.

“The model allows for dynamic pricing adjustments based on demand, seasons, and events, optimizing revenue potential,” Carl said.


Short-term rentals add a valuable diversification element to investment portfolios. As tangible assets, they offer a buffer against inflation and market instability, qualities increasingly pertinent in today’s unpredictable economic environment.


These properties also provide unmatched flexibility. Owners can reserve time for personal use, a benefit not typically available with long-term rental properties. Furthermore, investors can choose their involvement level in management, whether hands-on or through a property management company, retaining control over their investment.

Addressing concerns about the effort involved in managing a rental property, Carl emphasized The Short Term Shop’s commitment to simplifying this process.

“We not only assist in property sales, but also educate new owners on managing their properties remotely. This approach allows for effective property management from anywhere in the world, right from a smartphone!” Carl said.

Growing Exponentially

The short-term rental market is experiencing robust growth. The post-pandemic resurgence in travel has spiked demand for unique, personalized lodging options, aligning well with the concept of short-term rentals, which often provide more authentic stays than traditional hotels.

Community Impact

“Short-term rentals also play a significant role in supporting local economies by boosting tourism and aiding local businesses,” Carl said.

Investors in this sector contribute not just to their financial success but also to the economic health and vibrancy of the communities where their properties are located.

The Short Term Shop has fostered a community where owners can engage with seasoned short-term rental professionals. Carl is actively involved in this community, ensuring the success of its members. Interested individuals can join the group here and learn more about short-term rentals on their YouTube channel.

Avery Carl’s own success story with over 200 properties underscores the compelling nature of investing in short-term rentals. Their profitability, diversification, flexibility, growth potential, and community benefits render them an outstanding investment choice in the current real estate climate. Carl, having witnessed the transformative power of this strategy in her own life, encourages prospective investors to explore the potential of short-term rentals.

About Avery Carl

Avery Carl, Founder of The Short Term Shop brokered by EXP, was named one of Newsweek’s Top 500 agents in 2020, Wall Street Journal’s Top 100 in 2021, Top 50 in 2022, and Top 10 in 2023, as well as the New York Times Top 100 in 2022. She and her team focus exclusively on vacation rental and short-term rental clients, having closed well over $2.5B in sales. To join over 5,000 happy Short Term Shop investors, please visit


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