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Unretired Senior Finance Executives Bring an Unparalleled Wealth of Knowledge to Revitalize Middle Market Companies at Infinity Financial Group

Unretired Senior Finance Executives Bring an Unparalleled Wealth of Knowledge to Revitalize Middle Market Companies at Infinity Financial Group

By: Monica Stevens

When the world imagines retired CEOs or senior executives, picturesque scenes of golf courses or peaceful fishing excursions often come to mind. But for the seasoned veterans at Infinity Financial Group, retirement has taken on a whole new meaning: channeling their hard-earned expertise into revitalizing and guiding lower-middle market companies. Meet Daniel Flick, a man whose business card should really just read “Financial Maestro”—though officially, you might catch him as part of the top management at Infinity Financial Group.

Infinity Financial Group is an emblem of ambition and seasoned skill. Daniel Flick, alongside three other senior finance virtuosos—each with a legacy of success as a CEO, COO, or Executive Director—drives the firm’s commitment to lower middle market companies with revenues ranging from $25 million to $250 million.

“There’s something incredibly rewarding about sharing the knowledge you’ve accumulated over decades,” Daniel says as he leans back, eyes indicating a library full of stories, “We get paid when our client succeeds. It’s a mutual journey.”

These unretired executives don’t spend their days idly—they pour their cumulative experience from industries as diverse as finance, banking, mergers and acquisitions, healthcare, and manufacturing into young and vibrant companies hungry for growth. Infinity Financial Group stands out from the crowd not only because of the impressive resumes of its principals but also due to their unique approach which pairs seasoned mastery with the fiery energy of young, talented analysts.

“We’re a melting pot of experience and innovation,” Daniel explains. “Each one of us believes that by sharing our insights and steering these companies, we’re not just aiding their success but multiplying it. And believe me, that’s a lot more exciting than a perfect swing on the golf course.”

It’s rare to find a team so committed to the well-being of their clients. Infinity Financial Group thrives on the satisfaction of seeing a deal through, from the inception of an idea to the final handshake. They’ve steered hundreds of millions of dollars in transaction value, but for these unretired powerhouses, the principals of their firm, it’s not just about the numbers. It’s personal.

“The beauty of our work here,” Daniel continues with a knowing smile, “is that we are part fortune-tellers, part historians. We help predict where a company can go, utilizing the rich history of where it’s already been and the economic climates we’ve weathered ourselves.”

But this isn’t just any financial advisory service—their dedication is to privately held, closely held, and family-owned businesses. They serve those at the heart of the American economy, the kind of businesses that hold communities together, where every success story is a triumph of collective spirit.

“For us, this isn’t a retirement hobby,” he stresses. “It’s a calling. We’ve built careers on victories and lessons learned, and here we are, ready and excited to pass the baton to those ready to run the next lap.”

So, where can one find these sage financial wizards when they aren’t crafting the next success story? Unlike magicians, they have no secret hideaway. Daniel Flick and his team at Infinity Financial Group are an open book, ready to network and expand their horizons through LinkedIn – danflick1. It’s a digital handshake extending a wealth of decision-making superiority to those who seek it.

For those navigating the complex waters of selling or financing a privately held business, disembarking from the course of traditional retirement, Infinity Financial Group’s unretired experts are much like lighthouses—steady, experienced, and ever-ready to guide you through the financial fog to success.

Published by: Martin De Juan


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